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Green Grove Group is a full-service sustainability consulting firm based in Houston, Texas.


We are dedicated to providing our clients with professional, personalized services and guidance in a wide range of sustainability strategy design and implementation needs. Our work includes development of implementation tools and procedures, training, and sustainability principles integration into your existing core business systems.

We collaborate closely with the community of our clients to win the hearts and minds of critical stakeholders and drive smart, sustainable and measurable results. We work openly, transparently and with honor. We set goals, establish KPIs and help you execute your plan.

Our solutions are tailored to you, regardless of which stage of sustainability you are currently in. We work with clients across a broad spectrum, including organizations that are at an early stage of the journey as well as those that are well down the path in implementing sustainability strategies. Our team members will work with you to define where your organization is on this journey and help you implement an inclusive, engaging, and mindset-changing approach to operating more sustainably.

Tajana Mesic, MBA, Managing Director

Tajana Mesic, MBA, Managing Director

Tajana is the Founder and Managing Director of the Green Grove Group. She draws upon over a decade of experience in managing processes and projects for multinational Fortune 500 corporate clients with Green Grove Group and Ernst & Young to help clients cross the bridge between good intentions and long-term sustainable performance. Her clients can depend on a cost-effective, quality, and trust-worthy solution customized to their specific needs, as she translates her expertise in implementing and managing complex multi-country engagements into a viable and practical strategy. Big impact for a reasonable cost.


Tajana has a Masters in Business Administration Degree with Accounting and HR specialty from the University of Dallas and Bachelor of Arts in Business and Communication from the University of Alabama.


Tajana’s community involvement has included committee co-chair of the Peacemakers Incorporated Development Committee, president of the local chapter of the international organization Greendrinks, chair of the Plano Community Garden Junior League of Plano project, advisory board member of Texas Refugee and Immigrant Women’s Association, sustaining advisor of Kollo Collaborative, and corporate member of International Society for Sustainability Professionals, Global Reporting Initiative, and Green America. Tajana is currently serving as an elected City Councilmember of her fast-growing home City of Fulshear.

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