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Current State Assessments


To provide you with a baseline and a good starting point of your sustainability and corporate responsibility efforts, we employ the appropriate framework for your industry and work with your team. We go as deep and as wide as needed to reach your goals.


Due Diligence


Due diligence provides additional clarity that may not come to light in a typical negotiation. You can rely on our team to provide deep research in order to analyze target company’s books, records and other internal reports and documents for financial and business trends, so that you can best understand how changing circumstances and trends may impact the future of your business.


Sustainable Business Solutions


We work with existing internal teams to help formulate, integrate and manage corporate social responsibility strategy, sustainability metrics and integration. Our expertise includes helping your organization make better business decisions by bringing environmental, social and governance (ESG) concepts out of the sole purview of the sustainability function into strategic risk, supply chain, marketing, product development, and finance.


Business Development for Sustainability


We will work together to create the best sustainability engagement strategy. From defining the framework for strategic sustainability development, defining your desired outcomes, creating mission and the vision to action plan guidelines and implementation models.


GGG - Our clients
GGG - Our clients
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