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Our team offers the following customized implementation solutions and project management:




More frequently, corporate customers are requesting increased transparency in their vendors’ supply chains by requesting independent third-party verification of your sustainability commitments. Certifications help establish a baseline and focus on measurable milestones. They also offer credible means for distinguishing your brand and attracting impact investors and top talent.


Several frameworks we utilize to assist you:


  • B Corp

  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CD)

  • Energy Star

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

  • Walmart Sustainability Supplier Assessment


Employee Engagement


We partner with your HR department to help plan, implement and engage your employee base across the following categories:


  • Community relations and green events

  • Customer engagement programs

  • Employee and management training

  • Green team empowerment


Incentives (Grants and Incentives)


Nationally, regionally, and internationally, there are a number of grants and other incentives available for sustainable development projects. Whether you represent a municipality looking for water grants or a law firm looking for energy efficiency retrofit grants, you could benefit from our expertise in helping you uncover feasible method of funding for your project.


Public Relations


To help you tell your sustainability success story and communicate with valuable stakeholders, we offer the following services:


  • Awards and Client Recognition

  • Content creation and messaging

  • Media relations

  • Press release creation and distribution

  • Social media

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Thought leadership


GGG - Our clients
GGG - Our clients
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