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Sustainability has evolved from the “do good” initiative to a strategic business necessity.  Often managed vertically in silos, it is a key issue that affects most of the functions within an organization across the board with a significant impact on its bottom line. Organizations that employ a more integrated approach to sustainability can better manage strategic, operational, financial, reputational, and compliance risks. When designed and implemented correctly, sustainability strategy has a profitable effect across the entire value chain.

Having Green Grove Group involved early in the sustainability strategy planning process and due diligence, implementation and measurement will help you save money, make money and manage risks over time. We work with your team to help integrate corporate sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives into your operations.




Current State Assessments

Due Diligence

Sustainability Strategy Planning

Business Development for Sustainability





Employee Engagement

Incentives (Grants and Incentives)

Public Relations





Sustainable Development:

Educate, Engage, Measure

Beyond Compliance: What is Next
Peel the Onion: Effective Employee Engagement

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