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"In April 2011, our team worked hard to catalyze the green movement in Dallas by staging the inaugural Earth Day Dallas in the heart of downtown, enabling the participants to share with the Dallas community their sustainability initiatives and ideas in a casual and efficient way. With over 200 civic, corporate and not-for-profit partners engaged, Earth Day 2011 celebration went down as the biggest and most impactful Earth Day celebration in the history of Dallas and America’s 2011 second-largest Earth Day. 


Green Grove Group was an integral part of the overwhelming success of our two-day event. Tajana and her team have successfully designed and implemented a green event recycling protocol, helping us divert 70 percent of the waste generated from landfill. They calculated the carbon emissions of the 48,000 attendees and found a way to creatively offset them with a local Texas project. She helped develop our public awareness campaign and represented Earth Day Dallas 2011 as a sustainability spokesperson for our event in the media and community. Throughout the entire project, Tajana worked closely with our management team and provided sustainability guidance to both our team and staff. Her passion, knowledge and creativity have greatly contributed to our overwhelming success."


Trammell S. Crow, Founder and Visionary, Earth Day Texas (EDTx)



"Companies are measured in large part by the competence and performance of their executives.  In that regard, you can expect the highest quality and dependability from Green Grove Group.  Tajana Mesic sets the bar high in whatever she endeavors to do, and she also hits her mark.  You will be pleased with the professional approach, as well as the results of Green Grove Group.  I heartily recommend this company."


Carol Crabtree Donovan, Executive Director, Peacemakers Incorporated



"Tajana Mesic and her team are on the forward edge of the new economy. We highly recommend her to budget holders of retail outlet suppliers working towards zero waste, and have benefited from her CSO services ourselves."


John Bush, President, Adbongo


GGG - Our clients
GGG - Our clients
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